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5 Uses of Interactive Whiteboard for Meeting Rooms

Traditional meeting rooms use conventional whiteboards, projectors, or TVs with HDMI to make presentations. These devices tie your teams down by limiting their ideas to a limited whiteboard canvas and we all know the problems that come with sharing an HDMI cable across the room. Upgrading to an Interactive whiteboard can have a positive impact on the way you conduct meetings in today’s dynamic business environment. Let’s read below to explore some of the key uses of interactive whiteboard for meeting rooms. 

Traditional meeting rooms with messy HDMI cables and without interactive panel


What Is An Interactive Whiteboard?

In the last few years, interactive whiteboards for businesses have advanced rapidly. For those who host meetings and give presentations, today’s modern interactive whiteboard has evolved to be an integral part of a larger interactive flat panel display (IFPD), a large format touch screen used as a collaboration and video-conferencing tool designed for meeting rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms. Typically used for delivering interactive presentations, training, brainstorming ideas in an intuitive and seamless manner.  

While older models might provide an interactive experience, today’s Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) have more features than their first-generation predecessors. They can take meetings to the next level, significantly improving the team engagement, experience and boost meeting rooms productivity.

Higher levels of simple collaboration, fluid communications, and more can be expected from all participants. Furthermore, you will not require overhead projectors with bulbs that burn out and messy HDMI cables in the middle of a critical presentation. 

If you are looking out for the advantages and uses of interactive whiteboard, then you have landed on the right page.

5 Uses of Interactive Whiteboard For Meeting Rooms


CloudTouch Interactive flat panel display in meeting room

Instant Meetings

Face no more delays or interruptions during meetings caused due to connectivity issues or outdated technologies. Start your meetings, presentations or video conferencing on time with the help of Interactive Displays, without having to set up any devices individually. With seamless connectivity, in-built digital whiteboard, video-conferencing software, embedded web browser and office applications, modern interactive flat panel displays effortlessly handle meetings and brainstorming sessions with everything you need right at your fingertips. 


smarter presentations

Smarter Presentations

The days of dull conference presentations are long gone. With its user-friendly interface, multi-touch capabilities and inbuilt Interactive Suite, Interactive Flat Panels makes presentations more engaging, effective, and comprehensible, resulting in a productive meeting environment. Furthermore, the Interactive Touch Screen displays are visually appealing, and its interface encourages presenter engagement and collaboration during meetings.  


enhance collaboration

Enhance Collaboration during Meeting

Interactive Panels promote sharing of ideas and content even when team members are geographically dispersed, promoting collaboration in day-to-day working styles. When technology is used at meetings, for brainstorming sessions, training, or video conferences, it encourages more engagement and discussion among the attendees.


Efficient Information flow

Efficient Information Flow 

Interactive panels are crucial for enhancing productivity and making the best use of available time. During a meeting or presentation, it creates a methodical flow and seamless sharing of information. With every feature at your fingertips, a presenter can simply manage content from internal storage or the internet, as well as create it on screen and transmit it to other meeting participants instantly.


seamless connectivity in meetings

Seamless Connectivity

Interactive displays allow for a more flexible and varied conference room experience. As a result, it can connect to any other device with ease. For convenience, various connectivity ports are available like HDMI, USB, VGA, AV In, Optical & more. Multiple users can share their content on the display at the same time thanks to wireless screen mirroring, QR code sharing, and remote content sharing. Say goodbye to cables, dongles, or hassles.  


4K UHD for meeting rooms

4K Immersive Display

The technology in a conference room should be appealing to the eye and provide maximum clarity so that people can engage effectively. Interactive Displays produce 4K visuals that are ultra-bright, crisp, and razor-sharp, enhancing everyone’s viewing experience at the conference. Presenters can use audio-visual content to convey information to participants while keeping their attention for longer periods. 


Features Of Interactive Whiteboard  

20 Point Multi-Touch Support 

Makes collaboration easy allowing more people to participate in discussions and have engaging meetings

Quad-screen display 

No need to shuffle presentation or content within the team anymore. Mirror multiple devices at the same time & collaborate on a single screen.

In-built Digital Whiteboard

Comes with a plethora of tools to annotate easily over presentations or any content on screen during meetings

Wireless Control from mobile

Access the Interactive panel directly from the phone and annotate over presentations. Share any image, video or content from phone to the board. 

Multi-OS Compatibility

Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS and Linux operating systems


Not just any piece of board designed for meeting rooms. Cloud Touch is an interactive presentation solution designed for meeting rooms, boardrooms, conferences, education and training, to have interactive, engaging and a collaborative environment. Its intelligent touch technology transforms meetings into creative brainstorms, inspiring collaborations. 

Our large touch screens are built for businesses of any size, any sector and fits every meeting space. Available from 55 inches to 98 inches, CloudTouch comes with a 4K UHD IPS panel, Quad-core processor and our easy-to-use wireless screen-sharing software for collaboration.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Interactive Whiteboard 

What is an Interactive Whiteboard used for?

An interactive whiteboard is a display that responds to human or other digital device input. Interactive whiteboards can be used to convey messages, show information, and engage in collaborative brainstorming via digitizing chores and procedures. 

How does an Interactive Whiteboard help business?

Employees can make presentations, visually ideate and explain complicated concepts on interactive whiteboards for business with ease, which leads to higher information retention and innovation. Employees can also edit and interact with the content on screen in real-time. 


An interactive whiteboard has many advantages that overtake traditional means of meeting room tools used while presenting. We hope this article gives you a clear picture of everything you have been searching for. “Are you ready to take the next step?” To get a better understanding of our interactive whiteboard, know more about Cloud Touch – Interactive Intelligent Panel or Book a free demo. 

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